Cat Scratchers

Why you need this cat scratching pad?

Scratching is as normal as purring for cats. They do it wherever they may be. If they’re outdoors, they’ll scratch on trees and wooden posts. For indoor cats, they’ll target the sofa, cabinet, walls, and carpet, among others.

Durable Material Our cat scratching pad is made of recycle reversible corrugated cardboard, which has high density five layers of corrugated paper constructed to ensure the durability, so make it hard to tore by cats, this scratching pad is more durable than normal ones.

Unique Design The cat scratcher cardboard with catnip make it easier scratching to contour a cat’s ability to stretch and flex their body. The surface of this corrugated scratcher cardboard mimics the texture of tree bark, which is a cat’s favorite scratching surface in nature.

 Cat Scratchers

 Cat Scratchers

 Cat Scratchers

Heavy Duty and Durable

Made of heavy duty, corrugated recycled cardboard.

Premium Raw Material

Highest-quality durable cardboard for longevity.

Helps protect furniture from claw damage

Save money by preventing destructive scratching.

 Cat Scratchers

About this item

  • 🐱Unique Design: Pet cat scratch board premium scratching textures design, more closely mimics tree bark. Different touching experience makes it more irresistible for the cats. More importantly with this design, our scratching pad is more durable than the normal ones.
  • 🐱Durable and Environmental Friendly: Cat scratching board made of heavy duty corrugated and 100% recycled cardboard, so it is strong enough to resist the sharpest claws for a fair enough long time. It is also safe and non-toxic. Even the glue used in the construction is corn-starch Perfectly healthy for your adorable cats.
  • 🐱Cardboard Cat Scratcher: This scratcher perfectly satisfies cats’ instincts, scratching, playing, and lounging around, and the curved shape creates a cozy place for them to rest, improving your feline pets’ overall health and mood.The size is 43*21.5*3cm.
  • 🐱Effective Tools: Satisfied cats‘ scratching instinct, bring your favorite furry friend the healthy claws, a place to release stress and great exercise. Saving your furniture and carpets from the cats since the cat scratcher is the “natural cardboard” at home.
  • 🐱Furniture Hero:A reliable “guard” prevents kitties from ripping up your drapes, carpet and couch, but doesn’t restrict them to trim and maintain their claws well. An indispensable tool to redirect cat’s energy in a positive way.
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