Bio PetActive Flora Control 250gm

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Flora Control is an intestinal control with probiotic content. This nutritional supplement protects the natural intestinal flora and prevents the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria.

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Benign bacteria of the overall health of pigeons is more than the amount in the intestine by the favorable effects. However, increase in the amount of pathogenic bacteria causes watering of the disk, fluid and electrolyte loss…

The high amount of benign bacteria in the intestine affects the overall health of the pigeons positively. However, the increase in the amount of pathogenic bacteria leads to watering of the feces, which leads to electrolyte and fluid loss. By using Flora Control, we can get rid of this kind of problems. Antibiotic use kills both good and bad bacteria. Therefore, Flora Control protects the general health by preserving the natural intestinal flora and preventing the adherence of pathogenic bacteria to the intestinal wall.

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