IntestoPro Anti Diarrhea Paste Syringe Large Dog 2 x 20ml


Beaphar IntestoPro Paste is a highly palatable, easy-to-use paste containing natural active ingredients to help relieve digestive disturbances in dogs. Loose stools can be caused by many things, such as following worming treatment or a course of antibiotics, changes in diet, stress, during weaning or scavenging for food.

Beaphar IntestoPro Paste contains zeolite, which is a natural clay that works by absorbing excess moisture, and aluminium hydroxide, a naturally occurring mineral which is commonly used in human antacid products. With added prebiotics FOS and MOS to support healthy gut function.

Suitable for dogs from 4 weeks of age and weighing more than 1kg. Each pack contains two syringes, ideal for larger dogs weighing more than 15kg.

If symptoms persist beyond 3 days, we recommend seeking veterinary advice.


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