Kitekat Dry Cat Food Tuna (1.4 kg)

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  • EXPIRY DATE : 01/2025
  • Crunchy kibbles
  • Omega 6 for healthy skin and coat
  • Calcium & Phosphorus for strong bones and teeth
  • Vitamin E to support the immune system
    Product details
    Adult · Dry

    Treat your adult cat to the delicious taste of Kitekat Dry Cat Food. Specifically formulated for adult cats, this dry food option provides a well-balanced and flavorful meal for your feline companion. – Made with real tuna as the primary ingredient, Kitekat Dry Cat Food offers a protein-rich diet to support your cat’s overall health and vitality. The high-quality protein helps maintain lean muscle mass and provides the energy your cat needs for their daily activities. – Not only does Kitekat Dry Cat Food offer a delectable taste, but it also contains essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to support your cat’s immune system, digestion, and coat health. These nutrients contribute to a strong and healthy cat. – The crunchy texture of the kibbles helps promote dental health by reducing tartar buildup and supporting gum health. Additionally, it satisfies your cat’s natural instinct to chew, providing both dental stimulation and mental enrichment. – With its convenient packaging, Kitekat Dry Cat Food keeps the food fresh and easy to serve. The 3 lbs (1.4 kg) pack size ensures you have an ample supply of nutritious food to keep your cat happy and satisfied.

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