Our puppy food for large breeds with OPTISTART:
Enables puppies’ developing immune system to react efficiently
Helps support long term health
Specially formulated for dental maintenance
Helps support healthy joints
Specially formulated for large breed puppies with an athletic physique
Contains high quality pieces of chicken

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PURINA® PRO PLAN® DOG Large Athletic Puppy with OPTISTART® has been created for large breed puppies who have a robust physique. This expertly formulated complete food will help him meet the daily challenges that life throws at him by providing him with all the nutrients he needs as part of his healthy lifestyle.

PRO PLAN® DOG Large Athletic Puppy with OPTISTART® helps support their healthy joints, helps support their long-term health as they begin their journey to adulthood, and enables their developing immune system to react efficiently. This food is also specially formulated for dental care, and contains nutrients at a balance specifically chosen for their size and age. Made with high quality pieces of chicken, this food will meet their nutritional needs every day – so they can concentrate on growing up and having fun.
Helps support puppy’s immune response and helps build a healthy immune system thanks to colostrum.

Also suitable for gestating / lactating bitch. Try it today to see the difference it could make to your puppy.

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